Witch Tips--Shortcuts: Diversification

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The best advice I can give a spellcaster of any rank is to diversify.  You should know 3 ways to attain any goal--a big, extensive spell with all the extras; a solid standard spell for a regular day; and a quickie emergency type that can be done while away from tools or in a rush.  At some time in your life, all of these will be important.

It's also good to diversify when it comes to storing information: keep a long-term Book of Shadows, an indexed reference, and a pocket-sized book to carry or keep in your desk at work.  These three do not have to contain all the same information.   Far from it! It's actually better that each book be tailored to fit the circumstances of its use.

The carried book should be full of easy, on-the-spot spells, charms, and sigils and be arranged according to problems you might have while away from home.  The reference should be organized by what works for you, be it by title of the spell, its purpose, or the items it uses (example indexes being "candle spells" or "knot magic").  Try out your method a few times before committing to it; it should make finding the spell you need fast and effective.  Your Book of Shadows is the place for longer pieces, rituals, and explorations into concepts and theories.  You'll want to revisit these ideas, but not often.

Think today about how you can branch out and diversify in your practice.  In what ways can you open up and make magic that much easier for you?


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