Witch Tips--Charm: To Stop Blood

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This week's tip is a bit of quickie magic in the form of a spoken charm.  These are pretty much my favorite kind of spells because they can be used anywhere, anytime, and without a single thing in your hands.  If you can commit a few to memory, prepare to use them a lot.

Here is one variety I have worked with many, many times--stopping blood.  From the age of about 4, my daughter would get sudden and horrendous nosebleeds.  It didn't worry her a bit (we're a fairly body positive household and blood isn't scary), but it sure was a mess!  Happily, they are quite rare for her now but between that and the everyday cuts and scrapes--not only of our two active kids but also their busy and sometimes clumsy parents--I can't count how many times I was glad to have this charm on hand.

Please note that this is only one of many traditional charms for this purpose and my phrasing is probably not the only one available.  This is, however, what I learned and how I learned it when I first began my life as a witch 18 years ago.

To Stop Blood

As I walk through a green forest
I find three wells, cool and cold.
The first spirit of the well is called courage,
the second is called faith,
and the third I call to stop the blood.


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