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Magical Meetups

Most folks who are interested in joining together with other practitioners are quickly directed to Witchvox to find local covens in which to seek initiation and individuals who can chat online.  But what if you want something more casual, where the goal is more about really being there?  That's where to go to Meetup.com.

I used this service for getting the word out about my local classes, but there are any number of purposes for gathering with others in your area.  Type in your zip code and see what's happening in your community.  If no other magical practitioners are holding regular meetups, that doesn't mean they're not there; create your own, arrange it for a purpose and goal  which you feel strongly (even if it's just a meet-and-greet over coffee), and advertise in all spaces you hold publicly (such as in-person groups, your circle of friends, any positions of authority you hold, online forums, social media, etc).


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