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Tutorial for Making an Origami Lucky Star

In its way, origami is a magical process.  You begin with something flat, lifeless.  Then through manipulation and concentration, it turns into something beautiful, something that has a sudden depth and character.  Sounds like a spell to me!

I enjoy the Chinese tradition of paper-based spells, including the Paper Dog spell, found in "The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells," a dog image of twisted paper strips whose job it is to bring you your desire.  My familiarity with that piece of magic made the innocuous origami star an obvious choice in my mind for spellcasting.

Origami Star Wish Spell

Use paper that has a significance to your desire.  Choose the right color for the job, as well as any other specifics that might help, such as a strip from your resume if you're seeking a specific job.

Write your desire on the paper.  The use of magical inks here would greatly increase its power.  If you don't have any on hand, try different colored pens or paint.  A good choice for overall success would be gold colored paint or a metallic Sharpie.

Give all your focus when writing.  See your wish becoming manifest in all its perfection. Visualize this coming to pass because of the words you are writing; you are creating the tale of your life and all that it says comes into existence.

When you're finished, fold the paper as instructed, repeating the words you wrote with every fold.  Make your creases sharp and straight.

Breathe upon your star as you pinch the sides to fill it out.  As in the creation of poppets, you give this star the breath of life to work your will.

Give it all your energy until you have nothing left.  Ground and center.  Now place your star somewhere that you will see it often, such as the center of your altar.  When your desire has come to pass, toss the star into a fire to release it.


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