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Real Witchcraft in Your Toy Store

This kind of thing simply confounds me to the point of a good chuckle.  I don't take it seriously but I do like to turn it over in my mind.  What kind of a person sees evil in books which make fantasy and history entertaining?  What is their goal in dissuading the rest of us from even picking up such a diabolical item as a decorative book?  Do they really believe that they can remove all traces of other beliefs (even ones that are clearly intended only to entertain, such as books like these) simply by jumping at every shadow?

Most of all, however, I question why they worry over things like this when there are so many books, public events, and groups which do aim to share real witchcraft with children.  My own coven has always been keen to help even the youngest kids get involved in casting spells and discussing magical theory.  Our children have been raised Pagan since birth and have been privy to all kinds of magical work since then.  I have never resorted to books like these for teaching.  Instead, I work with actual witchcraft books.  Makes sense, right?

So whether you're like me and find it only amusing, or if this article makes you bristle, I hope you think about, talk about, and share your thoughts with me and others in the magical community.  After all, that's the real way we teach and learn.


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