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Magical Affirmations

Sometimes as we progress as practitioners, we go through a phase where we slow down on casting, get confused or disoriented, and pay more attention to the roadside than the road. That's a normal part of the journey; it won't always be pretty and the traveling won't always be quick.  Right now, I'm the perfect example of a witch who has gotten tangled up in the path.

Between writing books and articles for publication, tending to Quill's Occult Supply, keeping up with my local public practice, and managing a full and busy homelife with husband and children, I've got a lot going on.  And because my itch for magic is scratched in several other ways, I don't often get the chance to cast spells for the things that I want.

But I'm changing that.  I'm going back to basics and back to the core of my practice.  I'm sure I'll be talking about it a lot in upcoming posts, but to get things started on the right foot, this week's link is a page dedicated to magical affirmations.

The affirmation is often maligned as a bit of New Age fluff for readers of "The Secret" who want a newer car.  But magic users know that it's just another part of the magical process.  Our incantations and charms are often little more than rhyming affirmations.  If they're done well, they're so affecting that we don't even notice that they're only really reiterating the things we desire.

So I'm going to start today and go back to my early years when daily affirmations were a must.  I'll be sure to keep you updated on my progress.  Watch Twitter for more of my daily work.  You can find me here--@MadamQuill


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