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Papercraft Krampus

I've shared this one a million times, but it deserves to be a million more.

Krampus is, as some call him, the Christmas devil.  He's Santa's more realistic side, doling out the punishment that the "naughty" list so richly deserves.  While Santa rewards the good, Krampus chases, whips, and devours the bad.  Sounds fair to me.

In truth, I've never really been a Santa type of gal.  He's so sacachraine that I couldn't identify with him at all.  My Dad did his best to bring the wonder of the holidays to us as kids, tromping around on the roof and leaving a string of beautiful antique bells hanging on the door as proof that Santa had indeed visited us in the night.  But, even so, while I loved it all, I also felt that Santa--if he could indeed be real--was kind of a chump.

Early in my life as a Pagan, I discovered Mother Berchta.  Here was the no-nonsense spirit I craved.  While so many others denounce her horrible side as Christian propaganda, I loved it.  She was equal measure kind and cruel, delighting and destroying like winter itself.  To this day, my family and I retell her story as a play during our Yule ritual.  Santa is given as a pleasant side-note, but that is all.

So when I learned about Krampus years ago--a cultural connector between my German family and my Pagan beliefs--I took to him instantly.  He and Mother Berchta have their tradition ties and definitely share a world view, which I adore.   Able to see into the truth of your soul without a scrap of prettiness or pretention, Krampus is a fantastic balance to the typical sugar-covered holiday themes.

So perhaps this will be the year that you invite the long-tongued devil to your home and family, risking the switch and the basket.  You won't be disappointed!

In the meantime, enjoy making this papercraft Krampus, adorable and vicious little bugger that he is!   Happy holidays to all!


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