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Spells for Halloween Hocus Pocus

While we have just a little time before the biggest night of the magical year, this link features a few Halloween specific spells you may wish to plan.  Naturally, there are many more to be found besides those here.  This is the night of the last harvest, the night we recognize the weight of mortality and the joyful knowledge that we are yet alive and should celebrate while we can.  Any piece of magic which furthers any of these concepts would be appropriate.

Also note that asking your beloved dead for some assistence would be perfect for Halloween.  This is especially true if you have magical ancestors but it can also happen for the rest of us.  Your loved ones want to see you happy, of course, so asking for their well-wishes in one aspect of your life is fair and thoughtful no matter what their beliefs towrd the occult.  Just remember not to call up in ritual those who would be opposed to magic.  Dead or alive, respect is important.

But this witch is much too busy to dawdle.  I wish you all a fair night with the dead on Hallows Eve and lively days leading up to it!


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