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Witchcraft 101: Five Things Apologists Should Know

I don't know if you've ever come into contact with this sort of beast before, but this link will take to you a page of instructions for Catholics to use when trying to convert witches and Pagans.

At first it starts off considerate with the basic important information they will need so as not to offend us, which is largely respectful.  But then it turns into an all-out sales pitch.  Of course this is the plan--and I understand that in a faith that teaches that the best thing you can do for you fellow man is convert him, this is a natural goal--but it offers more trickery than actual value to the witch.

Take for example their big plan to trap you with a fallacy of presumption:

"One way to demonstrate this is to ask the witch if she believes in the pope. "No," she’s likely to answer. "The pope is a Christian figure." True, you concede. But there is a man in Rome who holds the office of the papacy, right? Your belief or disbelief in the papacy does not determine whether or not the papacy exists. Put that way, a person will have to acknowledge that something or someone can exist independently of belief in its reality."

This may trip up the occassional practitioner, but not the prepared.  One can easily say that belief in the physical form of a person and belief in their divine-given power are two different concepts.  This is not the same argument, however, as the existence of a non-corporeal being.  A Pagan could as quickly say that a Catholic's disbelief in the Gods is no more valid.  In short, to believe in one world-view to the exclusion of others does not make it the correct view, no matter the number of backers to the theory.

So, just for fun, check out this link and see what you think of one Catholic take on discussing religon and belief with witches.


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