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As you may have noticed from my posts on here as well as the obvious listing found at Quill's Occult Supply, I enjoy making and selling spell kits.  But I absolutely don't like the standard kits as found in retail stores. These are usually clear plastic bags containing a candle, vial of oil, a little crystal, and a sheet of instructions. You won't be finding anything like that here.

To be clear, I don't have any problem seeing these kinds of kits on store shelves, nor do I mind that it has become the typical "look" for a purchased kit.  Some shops find them to be the perfect addition to their offerings as a seller of magical goods, and just as many customers enjoy them as an easy and accessible first step into witchcraft.  But they're not for me and if you purchase a kit from my shop, they're obviously not for you either.

The thing is that I do perform small spells like this at times.  There's plenty of days in my home when magic looks like a dressed candle--maybe also dusted or carved--lit with a few words said over it. But it's free for me, quick and simple to work; I don't pay for it or save it for a special occasion.  It's a "quickie" spell for when I want results but it's not essential to throw myself into it.  No, when those times come along, I bring out the good stuff.

Big problems deserve big magic.  To give them less magic is to give their solution less energy than you have to offer.  It's like trying to put out a burning building with a watering can.  You can't just say that you're positive intentions will be enough to bolster your efforts; if you really had powerful intentions, you would have come out fully equipped with head to toe fireproof gear and a massive water hose in each hand.  That, for me, is how to handle magic.  And I do believe that even the less-experienced (the typical customers for spell kits) can handle that.  In fact, I believe they should be given the best we can offer because it's the inspiring pieces of spellwork that show beginners why the rest of us fell in love with witchcraft and why we continue in its difficult study.

Approaching Kit-Making
My spell kits are personalized to the customer's situation for this very reason.  I want to give each person a piece of creative, interesting, vivifying magic.  I want them to forget all about their problem in the face of the stunning beauty of its solution.  I want the empowerment of the moment to be all that there is, all that matters. And so I try to make my spell kits reflect this desire, and I do it through color, scent, sound, and touch.  A good spell should awaken the sleeping senses and once heightened, hold them a willing captive.  That's a tall order but I enjoy the process of attempting it every time.

As a small shop, I have a distinct advantage over larger retailers.  I have the time and resources to discuss a customer's issues with them before they make a purchase.  From these discussions I build a kit that reflects all aspects of their problem.  I don't have to simplify their needs into one word like "love" or "money."  I can be as elaborate as the situation deems necessary.  And I get to choose from a wide variety of spells!  I have quite a collection of spellbooks and classical grimoires from which to work, some of which are rarely touched for my own life.  I know how to concoct a large number of formulas from powders to potions, tinctures to washes.  I don't need to be limited to oil nor to the use of just a single formula.  I'm happy to be able to use my resources to discover the perfect spell tucked away in the pages.  What a pleasurable experience it is to land upon just that right angle, those right words, that right feeling that comes with the spell that was destined to heal your wounds!

Making a spell tailored to the customer can be a real art.  You might not like the idea of wearing a strange-looking talisman around your neck but you'd keep a hand-drawn seal inside your wallet.  I can do that.  You might have too many allergies to feel safe with formulas but you can use a poppet stuffed with hypoallergenic Thistle down.  I can make that happen.  I'm willing to work with a person's particulars to make sure their spell is just what they need and how they need it.  Pre-packaged kits cannot provide that.

The most intriguing aspect of spell kit creation (and, naturally, spellcasting itself) is that of problem solving.  I went into this a little with my post "Why I Sell Spell Kits and Not Spells" but it bears repeating.  The one making the kit is handing power to the one who actually has to cast the spell.  I don't want you to think that you are incapable without someone to do for you; I want you to work and know that what comes of it was by your hand.  Just because another person gives you the paint does not make them the one who creates a masterpiece.

But being the assistant can also be an intensely creative process, especially for a Capricorn like myself. I enjoy putting things to rights and nothing is better than organizing and tidying one's life until it is working smoothly again.  I have spent many years doing just that in my own life and now that things are fairly settled with me, it is a very good feeling to be busy again orchestrating for others.  How many wonderful spells I've been able to put to use that would never have been needed in my own life!  How many interesting and strange circumstances have we weathered together!  I've gained a lot of insight on humanity's real needs through this task and I think it has been one long lesson in compassion.  For that alone, I highly recommend it.

So, on to just what customers receive in their kits.  This, of course, varies a great deal depending on the gravity of the situation, the space or time restrictions of the caster, and their previous experience with magic. But in general, customers can expect a few standards from their order: a core spell, pre-spell items, post-spell items, and full instructions.

The core spell is the heart of the kit; it's why you came here.  Usually I give traditional spells but occasionally I'll use a self-written one that I've used at least 5 times in the past.  I only do that when the situation is really specific, though.  I would much rather you experience magic as it was intended to be, not my experiments.  If a traditional spell is just an okay choice, rather than an outstanding choice, I might bolster it with a few of my beloved formulas.

Next comes the things that will prepare the way for the spell casting.  This is often where we go into cleansings; most of the time when a person is having a lot of trouble--especially when it seems to shift from one aspect of life to another--a good cleansing can declutter one's world to make room for the good things the spell is designed to bring.  If it's a major issue, I'll suggest cleansing the individual, the home, and maybe even the workplace.  Other pre-spell items can be things such as handmade bath salts to prepare the caster for what's to come or mojo bags to constantly carry magic on one's person.  While these objects are starting their work this is a good time for the caster to gather any items only they can provide, such as personal artifacts of the target.  All of these things are discussed before the kit is created and are also clearly described in the directions.  I don't want there to be an uncomfortable waiting period between when the kit arrives and when you can start using it, so we'll begin as soon as possible.

Post-spell items are the additional formulas, talismans, and magical objects that will keep your goals on track and influence various side aspects of your situation.  If you need a spell to keep your husband faithful, a post-spell item could be to drive away home-wreckers, create harmony between the two of you, or make you extra enticing to him.  If you want a better job, post-spell items can eliminate competition and make you eloquent when you speak to bosses.

All kits come with detailed instructions, of course, but are also packaged with tissue paper in the color of your objective.  If you don't have an altar or other ritual space already, you can spread out the paper and cast upon it like an altar cloth to enhance its effectiveness.  Also note that I like to be in contact with customers before, during, and after their spell, if they so choose.  I can answer any question and offer tips as desired, up to a week afterward.  After that point, however, it's up to you to keep the magic rolling.  If you don't feel that you've gotten it straight by then, your best option is to watch and wait for changes to the situation before working on it in a different manner.    

Here are some of the kits I've made in the past.  One important note: while I consider myself to be a conscientious caster and I would never divulge a customer's personal information, I do feel comfortable sharing these kits with you for a few reasons.  First, none of them were made through Quill's Occult Supply. They each were done long before the shop was in business and so the names and dates won't be found online.  And second, just in case, I've changed any identifiable information to something neutral to protect the individuals' privacy.

Spell Kit to Curse an Enemy
  • Jack Ball kit and accompanying chants
  • Hot Foot powder
  • Herbal/sea salt cleansing bath
  • Curio roots Devil's Shoestring to protect and High John to maintain control

This kit was of a special nature: instead of being out of my hands entirely, the client was present at the casting of the core spell.  This gave him the chance to add his own focus to the work while not feeling overwhelmed by the possibility of accident that many newcomers have with their first curse.  He brought pieces of hair from the target and we wound it around a piece of Poke root before creating a Jack Ball around it.

Once the ball was complete, I gave it to him for safekeeping until he would be able to throw it onto the target's property.  I also offered an elaborate herbal cleansing bath to use after the deed was done.  This helped allay any fears that the curse would come home with him.  A few lucky items for him to keep and a bag of Hot Foot powder in case he saw the target again before the work was done, and the kit was complete.  His enemy ended up moving many hours away in disgrace after a messy break up and losing his job.  Believe me when I say that this person had it coming.

Spell Kit for Renewed Prosperity

  • Clearing incense and charcoal
  • Exorcism bath
  • Money Drawing powder
  • Fast Luck oil
  • Hand-dipped candles
  • Packet of Irish Moss
A long run of problems prevented this single mother from being able to get ahead in her finances.  In fact, at the time I talked to her, she was horribly behind and taking low-paying day jobs to make ends meet.  At the jobs she was berated and humiliated on a daily basis, but bore it for her child's sake.  I swore to give her all I could to help.

Because of the bad luck of the past, I started with a good cleansing all around.  Then easy-to-use dressed candles and a dusting of her house, inside and out.  Finally a packet of Moss under the front door to draw lasting money and not just fast cash.  She was very happy to receive the kit and heaved a sigh of relief that there was hope at last.  Unfortunately, I never discovered what happened to her.  I really wish I knew.

Spell Kit to Change One's Luck
  • Uncrossing spell
  • Talisman for achieving goals
  • Exorcism bath
  • Water of Notre Dame
  • Happy-Go-Lucky powder
This kit was full of the biggest luck-changers I have.  I really like talismans because they are so easy and immediate, and non-practitioners (like this individual) feel secure having something to look at and hold when uncertain.  

The client was not confident with casting, so I put the spell in the middle and focused instead on specific timing and order: take the bath in the prescribed way, cast the spell, then dust the body and surroundings all over with the powder, splash some Water of Notre Dame throughout the house, and finally put on the talisman.  Every day he wore a bit more of the Water and always kept the talisman.  Within a few days, his luck had turned around, a new job was forthcoming, and money and good news were rolling in.  

And, as a note, you won't find Happy-Go-Lucky powder in any book but my own; the recipe for this formula to turn around any situation can only be found in my as-yet unpublished manuscript, The Book of Brass Mirrors.  I hope to be able to share it with you all when it is ready. 

As you can see by this sampling, spell kits can take on strange forms if the occasion merits it.  There is so much more possible--and often so much more needed--than the standard candle-and-oil set can conjure. Of all my work, I think that making kits is one of the most challenging and rewarding.  To know the right thing to do, the right items to use, and the right way to apply force can be quite difficult.  But the results are always worth the effort.  Far from being a "cheat" to magic, kits are a great way to share traditional knowledge, increase a caster's ability and confidence, and help newcomers to have an authentic magical experience.  In an age with very few reliable and personal learning outlets for occult-minded individuals, digging one's hands into the work with a kit can be more informative than any book.

I would love to hear your experiences with making or buying spell kits.  Feel free to share in the comments section or message me privately at Quill's Occult Supply on Facebook or at my shop on Etsy.

And, naturally, if you are interested in finding out what I can offer you in a custom kit for your situation, see Quill's Occult Supply today.  Your information with remain confidential and your request handled with care and without discrimination.

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