The Secret of Powerful Magic

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I won't drag this out only to divulge my answer at the very last moment (you're welcome).  The secret to powerful magic is a trusting heart.

In the very beginning, when we're taking our first steps into the world that we are not even yet ready to admit may be magic, we don't trust.  We seek, we explore, we question, and we second-guess everything.  Is magic real?  Is it just coincidence?  Am I just playing at make believe? Am I getting results despite all the colors and herbs and chanting?  Am I tapping some hidden realm, some sideline of existence only hinted about in legends?  Am I part of a new generation of mystics that will usher in the Age of Aquarius? 

It can take a long time and a lot of experience to leave this stage.  For me, it was months of study and spellcasting before I stopped saying all my results were coincidence.  It was much longer until I stopped feeling that way.  In the end, though, the reasons are unimportant.  If magic works for you, then it works.  Period.  And this, too, is part of trust.  What you do has worked before and it will work again.  Maybe this spell was used by you in the past, maybe by a friend, or maybe it's traditional and therefore used by countless people throughout an uncertain length of the past...Have faith in the spell itself.  Let go of the need to explain to yourself and others, the need to do and believe only that which is rational and comprehensible by the five senses.  No one is keeping score and it really doesn't matter even if they were.  Results trump reason.

So here is my advice:  the next time you sit down to cast, take a moment to unlock that secret box in your heart where you keep all your trust.  You may be a guarded person who only does this for parents, lifelong friends, and puppies, but do it now just for you.  Fling the doors open wide and let it all pour out.  Go into your work like a child--aware, eager, and trusting.

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