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When things are going well, I have time to read the cards every day.  When things are going poorly, I need to read the cards every day!  Only in the fair, busy days in between do I not get in some tarot time.  But every time I sit down to the deck, I learn.  I learn about the cards, the people and events they represent, and about myself and my little place in the world.

To disclose some semi-secret but important information to you, I am not very good at giving advice.  When people tell me their woes, I'm much better at sympathizing and saying generally reassuring things than I am at drawing them a diagram out of their predicament.  But put a deck of cards in my hands and suddenly I know just what to do.

For myself it's a similar issue--I read when I'm faced with a tough decision.  Or when someone is acting oddly.  Or when I need to know what to say or what to focus on.  There so much that tarot can express that it's a handy tool for nearly any situation in which you may find yourself.

Despite all of this, I don't often use "daily spreads."  Maybe it's because I just haven't found one that really works for me or maybe I find the whole concept of gaining insight on perfectly identical subjects every day (issues with relationships today...how I'll handle money today...unexpected surprises today...) very dry and limiting, but I just can't bear to use a daily spread three times in a row.  Instead I like to ask more specific questions based on what is actively firing in my brain that day.  Here are the ways that I use tarot every day and the spreads that keep me imminently informed.

  • Here's my own "Three Cross" spread for asking a specific question.  Unlike many regular spreads this can be used both to give more information on a situation and also to answer "yes or no" questions.

The base cards are read together.  If you're seeing a yes or no answer, two or more upright is a yes, two or more reversed is a no.  If you use a deck which doesn't reverse, go with your first reaction to each card.  If you respond to the negative aspects of the card first, count it as a reversal.  Read the card meanings for more information as to why this response was given.

The fourth card crosses the first three--it is what binds them together.  This card will give more information on your question itself (especially any aspects of it you may have overlooked) or the kind of emotions/people that are creating the situation.  It's a simple and free-form spread that I use when I'm in a hurry or just want some straight facts without frills and distracting details.  It's also the spread I use when a client asks an additional question that wasn't answered in their paid spread.  With this I can do a quick shuffle, lay the cards, and give them all the information they came for with very little extra effort.

  • Understanding the motives and behavior of others can be a difficult, though important, task to which we're called all the time.  In these situations I use the spread called "What's He Like?"* to peek into a person's current state.  It often tells me just what I need to know about how to deal with them while also helping me sympathize with their side of the story.

This has helped me decide about potential coven members/students and also know how to approach problems with family and friends.  Be prepared to read both side of the cards here--what goes on inside a person's head can be very complex (and even be full of lies and self-deception) and come out in their actions in unpredictable ways.  But this spread can be a quick and fun way to get that inner grasp on others, making you a more effective leader, parent, employer/employee, spouse, whathaveyou.

  • And finally, I get a lot of use from simply posting cards.  This is when you use one card (or more, if desired) to represent the ideal outcome of your current situation and place it in a prominent location--such as an altar, nightstand, or other place you reserve for special items--where you will see it every day.  If you want to get creative with posting (especially when using a card to represent a long-term goal or a new outlook you wish to have for your life), make a copy of your chosen card and post it around the house, decoupage it on a piece of furniture, frame it, paint the image on a canvas, print a blank of the card (this site is a great choice) to color, or even get a tattoo of it.  All these are ways to invest in your card while also posting it.
Tarot is a dynamic tool that can answer our questions, bring us closer to others, realize our potential, and help us to better our lives.  There are no rules for using it properly, nor for how often to use it.  Make it part of your every day and it will aid you just as often!

Feel free to comment and share how you use tarot every day!

*I recall getting this spread layout from Aeclectic.com years ago, but where it was before that, I have no idea. If anyone knows the original creator, please contact me so I can give due credit.

Color image from :   http://tarot-tarotreading.blogspot.com/
The diagrams are my own


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