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My trip to Salem is coming closer by the minute.  I can almost hear its footsteps behind me.  How can I possibly feel like sighing in bliss and running in terror at the same time?  To begin with, this is the biggest event of our year (though possibly tying with Yule, a huge deal around here)--the Salem Witches Ball.   I am excited/petrified in a few different ways.  It's interesting to consider them all individually:

  1. I'm thrilled to be attending the Ball for my third year.  It's an amazing event that's always different!
  2. This is my chance to "get away from it all" and do something strictly relaxing with no goals for accomplishment nor productivity.  Ahhhh!
  3. Working nonstop on our costumes (plus normal household stuff and working for my shop--updating listings, helping customers, mailing orders, etc.) has left me rather burnt out.  I need a vacation.
  4. I am a nervous wreck about the costumes.  A happy, terrified, proud wreck.
  5. Everything considered non-essential (like dusting, mopping, and sleep) has taken a back-seat to all immediately important activities.  I don't think I'll fully grasp the level of disarray it has become until after things settle down again.
  6. My to-do list is still dangerously long.  So long, in fact, that if it were a snake, it could easily crush me to death.  My only hope is to slash away at it with a pen.
  7. I am happiest when I'm busy, and I always bite off more than I can chew.  This time is no exception.

As you can see, at the moment I'm one mixed up sonofabitch.  lol  Right now I could use all the well-wishes you can spare.  (I will be sure to update this blog with lots of photos and news from the Witch City as repayment!)

Thinking of you as I pack up the broomstick and head North,



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